It seems to be a rite of passage for all illustrators to work on an Alice in Wonderland project at some point. I’m glad to have finally got to work with them, it’s easy to understand their appeal when you start getting to play with them. UBU art director Tom Saunders approached me to create the illustrations that would be used for the event’s promotional materials. The brief was to create an immersive atmosphere, with hints of the magic of Alice’s universe. Both he and I agreed that the illustrations had to pay a certain amount of homage to [Animator at Disney] whose vision created the Disney film in the 1940s. I hope she would be happy with what we achieved. The illustrations were used across a range of materials from the poster, to website and event map.

Wonderland poster for UBU 2014, Hey Monkey Riot

University of Bristol Union website

UBU used the materials to put together a one page marketing website for the event.

Website mockup by UBU for Alice in Wonderland project 2014, Hey Monkey Riot

As part of the publicity around their event UBU asked me to put together a map for the event. The design team there was wanting to create a consistent experience for people coming to the event, so they wanted a connection between the poster artwork and the map. It was a shame they were only illustrations, it would have been great to have been able to get the Caterpillar, Rabbit and Cheshire Cat to really be at the event!

Alice in Wonderland map for UBU summer party 2014, Hey Monkey Riot