Tolpuddle pilgrimage

Every year there is a Tolpuddle Martrys’ festival in memory of a group of early trade unionists who were exiled to Australia. For 2014, STIR magazine organized a ‘pilgrim’s’ tour walking from Devon to Somerset for the Torpuddle festival to commemorate the deportation.

Tolpuddle pilgrimage map 2014 for Stir magazine 2014, Hey Monkey Riot

The map was used as a publicity tool before the event to encourage people to join in with the walk, and was also used as the cover image for the summer edition of the magazine.

Stir issue 06 cover illustration 2014, Hey Monkey Riot

Elements of the larger map illustration were pulled out within the publication.

Tolpuddle page for Stir to Action magazine 2014, Hey Monkey Riot

As part of the ‘pilgrimage’ STIR magazine had organised an event with the brewery Gyle 59. They asked if they could use the illustration for the label that they printed for a short run beer produced for the hike.

Beer bottle sticker for an IPA by Gyle 59 2014, Hey Monkey Riot