Politics by the people

In December I was asked to illustrate the cover for Red Pepper again. The initial brief was to represent different groups coming together to oraganise as one, with the rise of Podemos, Syriza etc being discussed as different parts of the left working together.

Politics by the people cover illustration for Red Pepper magazine 2014, Hey Monkey Riot

The final version lost some of the variation we had anticipated including during the sketching stage as, for design reasons, the art director, Tom Lynton, and I agreed that a more monochrome approach would have a bigger impact, and allow the text to be more legible. We explored a number of different colour combinations before Red Pepper decided the muted red was the direction they wished to take. Below are some of the other variations we worked on. They all had snow flakes to highlight the fact it was December and give a little more depth to an otherwise quite flat image, they were a shame to lose in the final cut!