Made in Shoreditch

Made in Shoreditch approached me to create a t-shirt to publicize their magazine, as they wanted to expand into clothing.

I jumped at the chance to try and capture the vibrancy of Shoreditch in the illustration. It’s easy to make fun of the area, but having lived and worked there for years I think there’s a certain passion there that’s unique. Working with director Giedrius Ivanauskas at Made in Shoreditch I tried to capture that vibrancy in an image. In the background is the Tea Building, the new Overground bridge and the Cock and Shuttle pub. Thanks to Made in Shoreditch for letting me take on the project, despite the fact I live in Paris. It was interesting working on the project from Rue de Belleville, and being able to remember all that I loved about this weird bit of East London.

White t-shirt for Made in Shoreditch 2014, Hey Monkey Riot
Black t-shirt for Made in Shoreditch 2014, Hey Monkey Riot

As part of the project Made in Shoreditch interviewed me, which can be read here. You can also buy a copy of the t-shirt here.