Greenpeace McKinsey Black Box comic

In 2011 Greenpeace wanted to engage with participants at the International Climate Change conference, held in Durban, South Africa, in a new way. We worked together to produce a comic that was distributed by Greenpeace at the conference to delegates and other attendees about the risk that McKinsey consulting posed to the environment.

A2 comic on McKinsey's Black Box 2011, Hey Monkey Riot

The comic was distributed in both French and English as a folded A2 poster.

I worked with Hannah Davey at Greenpeace producing the comic who had the following kind things to say about working together, “Edd is a real organiser, setting up and sticking to schedules even under changeable circumstances. He knew to build in wiggle room and spare days for contingency. And because he understands the difficulties of working within a large NGO and with colleagues across the world (which is rather a unique skill for a freelancer to have) he is both flexible and realistic about sign off procedures and accommodating changes. He is always calm, even when so-called final content is changed and unexpected, last minute comments need to be accommodated. A real treasure of a freelancer that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend and can’t wait to commission again.”